Investigation reveals dark side of ‘this’ luxury brands; exposed. Click to learn more

Investigation reveals dark side of 'this' luxury brands; exposed. Click to learn more

Investigation reveals dark side of 'this' luxury brands; exposed. Click to learn more

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An Italian investigation revealed the dark side of luxury brands, uncovering Dior’s shocking production costs and brutal working conditions.

Dior’s handbags are often seen as the epitome of luxury and fine craftsmanship. People associate them to symbols of status. However, a recent Italian investigation has revealed unsettling truths behind the dreamy allure of Dior bags. The investigation uncovered that the luxury fashion brand Dior, owned by LVMH, produces its bags for a mere $57 and sells them for a staggering $2,800.

An investigation by Italian police, which involved raids on Dior’s production units, revealed the harsh reality of the luxury brand’s manufacturing process. Workers at these third-party suppliers were found to be working under brutal conditions. The investigation exposed workers laboring non-stop, without breaks and often sleeping in sleeping bags on-site. Many of these workers were Chinese illegal immigrants. Many were also living without proper documentation and subjected to inhumane working conditions.

According to a report, workers were meticulously tracked using electricity consumption data to ensure they were working continuously. They were made to work like machines, day and night. To expedite production, safety devices on gluing and brushing machines were removed. This further endangered the workers’ health and safety. This extreme cost-cutting allowed Dior to maintain high-profit margins by selling the bags at exorbitant prices.

The investigation also revealed, another luxury brand, Armani, engaged in similar malpractice. Armani was found to be paying $99 per bag to contractors, which were then sold in stores for over $1,900. 

In response to these findings, the Milan judiciary has placed the production units of both Dior and Armani under judicial administration for one year. This move aims to address the rampant violations of labor laws and also help to improve the working conditions of the exploited laborers. The prosecution emphasized that these violations were not isolated incidents but rather part of the brands’ usual manufacturing methods to maximize profits.

The revelations from this investigation have cast a shadow over the luxury fashion industry, exposing the harsh reality behind the glamorous facade of high-end brands like Dior and Armani. As the judicial order takes effect, there is hope that the focus will remain on ensuring fair treatment and better working conditions for all laborers involved.