Safety Concerns Mount As Third Incident Rocks Pune Airport Apron

Safety Concerns Mount As Third Incident Rocks Pune Airport Apron

Safety Concerns Mount As Third Incident Rocks Pune Airport Apron

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Chetna Raja

Pune Airport’s apron area has once again become the focal point of safety concerns following a series of incidents, the latest occurring early Friday morning. This marks the third mishap in just two months, reigniting worries about ground operations and passenger safety at the airport.

The most recent incident involved an IndiGo flight, 6E6944, bound for Goa. Reports indicate that a bus transporting passengers collided with a baggage loading unit, resulting in injuries to two passengers. The woman injured received initial medical attention at Pune Airport and later upon landing in Goa. 

This recent accident follows two other notable incidents earlier this year. In May, an IndiGo ladder collided with a chartered flight, causing significant damage. Shortly after, an Air India flight taxiing for departure collided with a tug tractor, resulting in major damage to the aircraft.

Concerns among passengers and aviation observers have been mounting, particularly regarding the management of the airport’s apron area. Gaurav Gupta, a frequent flyer, expressed dismay over the use of empty aerobridges and the risks associated with passengers navigating amidst heavy vehicle movements.

Airport officials have acknowledged the challenges, noting that despite having additional aerobridges available, operational constraints have prevented their use due to the new terminal building being non-functional. Discussions are ongoing with airlines and ground staff to enhance apron management, with a strong emphasis on safety protocols for both people and aircraft.

Responding to queries about the latest incident, the officials at the Pune Airport assured immediate attention to the matter, underscoring the airport’s commitment to ensuring safety standards are met rigorously.

As investigations continue into the circumstances of Friday’s accident, stakeholders including airline operators and regulatory authorities are expected to review existing protocols to prevent future incidents and bolster overall safety at Pune Airport.

The incidents have prompted calls for a comprehensive review of apron operations nationwide, highlighting the critical need for stringent safety measures in airport ground handling procedures.