Is Personality Enhancement a necessity or just novelty ?

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Is Personality Enhancement a necessity or just novelty ? 

When we say the word “Personality” what image comes to your mind? Perhaps a famous Personality? Perhaps a Celebrity or a Film Star? Or perhaps someone who you have seen or met and who’s entire persona&1st Impression, had left you feeling ‘awed’!!!!

So what exactly is this Personality ?

1) Each individual has a distinct persona that can definitely be developed or enhanced, polished and refined.

2) Personality Development typically means enhancing and grooming one’s outer and inner self to bring about a positive change to them and their life – It SHOULD BE an Inside-Out Transformation!

3) Even though there are many crash courses in personality development that are made available to people of all age groups, implementing this to your routine and bringing about a positive change in oneself takes a considerable amount of time.The whole process of this development takes place over a period of time.

So now think about the person you thought about when I first asked you the question…. What about him/her do you still remember? What were the striking areas that stood out positively for that person that made him/her ‘Stand-out’ from the rest?

It could be as simple as ‘the way she/he carried themselves’…. Dive deep and think for more specific aspects…. Perhaps it was the way she wore a certain sari differently yet carried it confidently! Or the person exuded confidence itself! Perhaps she/he was a charming, polished or polite and effective communicator; or their style, grace, sophistication and etiquette made them stand out amongst the crowd! Or as simple as the way he/she looks, talks and walks and overall imbibing themselves with positivity, liveliness and peace!

Did he/she do this by a snap of a finger? No not at all! All of these need months and years of practice and a guiding mentor to make this entire learning process smooth and enjoyable!

So which of the above enhancements do you want to start with today? And how have you envisioned starting it? DO write to me I would love to know your views!

P.S: I made a mention of a few other words like –Inside-out transformation, Image, 1st  Impression, what makes one stand-out-how can you do that ? !  Do read my upcoming articles for the answers to this s!

(Article by Shrruti Clarence, (India’s 1stMrs Universe Confident Winner), Image Coach, Soft Skills Trainer, Airline &s Pageant Groomer)

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