ISRO shares pictures, video of Moon captured by Chandryaan-3 insertion in Lunar orbit

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Chennai, August 7 : Ahead of the first orbit reducing manoeuvre of India’s 3rd moon mission Chandrayaan-3 in the Lunar Sphere, ISRO on Sunday night shared a photo and a 45 second video of the Moon as viewed by the spacecraft during the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) carried out on Saturday night.

Without elaborating further the space agency posted the photo in its twitter handle.
“Chandrayaan-3 Mission: The Moon, as viewed by Chandrayaan-3 during Lunar Orbit Insertion”, ISRO said.

A day after it was slinged into the moon’s orbit, ISRO’ started reducing the third Lunar mission Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft’s Orbit inside the Lunar sphere.

Today’s maneuver was the first in a series of maneuvers planned to gradually Chandrayaan-3’s Orbit and position it over the Lunar poles.

The Lunar bound orbit maneuver started around 2230 hrs and will be achieved by 2330 hrs, reports said.

“As the mission progresses, a series of maneuvers have been planned to gradually reduce Chandrayaan-3’s orbit and position it over the lunar poles”, ISRO said.

After some maneuvers, the propulsion module will separate from the lander while in orbit. Following that, a series of complex braking maneuvers will be executed to facilitate a soft landing in the hitherto unexplored South Polar region of the Moon on August 23.

The Space Agency said the health of Chandrayaan-3 is normal.