IT Dindi To Join Palkhi Procession In Pune

IT Dindi To Join Palkhi Procession In Pune

IT Dindi To Join Palkhi Procession In Pune

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This Sunday, over 1,700 IT employees in Pune are set to embark on a unique journey, joining the annual Palkhi procession from Alandi to Bhawani Peth. Organized by a diverse group of tech enthusiasts, this year’s IT dindi marks a significant increase in participation, nearly doubling from previous years. Safety, particularly for the over half of the participants who are women, remains a top priority.

The dindi will commence with pick-ups from various city locations starting at 3:30 am, utilizing 45 buses to transport participants to Alandi. From there, they will witness the revered Palkhi and commence their walk alongside the warkaris back to Pune. The gathering point post-procession will be at Jungali Maharaj Mandir on JM Road, where the dindi will assemble and eventually disperse.

Family involvement is high this year, with many techies planning to bring their loved ones along.

Seema Chandak, excited about her role leading the Palkhi from temple to Akurdi which will be done for the first time, reflects the enthusiasm shared by all participants. 

This event not only celebrates tradition but also bridges generations and professions, showcasing Pune’s rich cultural heritage in a modern context.