Kid Vomits Blood After Eating ‘Expired’ Chocolates From the Grocery Store

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A girl died after eating cake in Patiala recently. Now, there’s another incident in Patiala. Two girls, one of them a little kid, got sick after eating what seems to be old chocolate. They got the chocolates from their relatives when they visited them. The little kid started throwing up blood after eating them.

The health department checked the store where they got the chocolates from. After eating those old chocolates, the 1.5-year-old girl started bleeding from her mouth. She got worse and had to go to the hospital.

Here’s what happened: A little girl from Ludhiana went to her relatives’ house in Patiala with her parents. They got a box of chocolates from a nearby store as a gift. The girl ate the chocolates and started bleeding from her mouth. Her condition got worse, so she had to go to Christian Medical College. Doctors found out she ate something harmful. Her family told the health department and the police about it.