Kondhwa Police Apprehend Suspect with a Record of 150 House Burglary Cases

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In a series of daring daylight burglaries plaguing the Kondhwa area, Kondhwa Police Station Team led by Senior Police Inspector Santosh Sonawane, alongside Police Inspector (Crime) Sanjay Mogle and Police Inspector (Crime) Sandeep Bhosale, have successfully apprehended the prime suspect responsible for these criminal activities.

The Kondhwa Police, facing the daunting task of capturing the elusive perpetrator, assembled a dedicated investigation team consisting of six officers. They pursued leads from undercover informants and meticulously scoured CCTV footage to pinpoint the accused. The burglar, intent on concealing his identity, resorted to wearing a cap and tying a handkerchief around his face while committing his audacious daytime burglaries.

The breakthrough came when investigators painstakingly reviewed approximately 200 CCTV recordings, ultimately leading them to the whereabouts of the suspect, who was traced to a residence in Theur Phata. However, the arrest was far from straightforward, as the accused locked himself inside his house and engaged in a protracted standoff with the police for four to five tense hours. Desperate to evade capture, he attempted to escape through a rear exit. Undeterred, the police surrounded the property from all sides, strategically laying a trap that ultimately led to the successful apprehension of the accused.

The suspect in custody has been identified as Sangatsingh Ajmersingh Kalyani, residing on Theur Road, Gadbe Corner, Loni Kalbhor, Pune. A litany of criminal cases has been registered against him across multiple police stations, including Hadapsar, Bibvewadi, Saswad, Alankar, Lonikand, Khed, Kothrud, Dattawadi, Pandharpur, and Sinhagad. These cases involve various charges under IPC Sections 399, 402, 457, 380, 454, and 34, with each station adding to the list of allegations. A staggering 150 house burglary cases have been attributed to this prolific offender.

The latest charges against the accused include two cases filed at Kondhwa Police Station under IPC Sections 454 and 380, as well as cases at Market Yard Police Station under the same sections, Bibvewadi Police Station, and Wanowrie Police Station.

During the arrest and subsequent investigation, the police seized gold ornaments weighing 37 tolas, valued at approximately Rs 22,20,000, from the accused’s possession. This successful operation has not only brought an end to a reign of terror in Kondhwa but also highlights the diligence and dedication of law enforcement in ensuring the safety and security of the community.

Shreyas Vange