False Alarm : Pune Metro Denies Claims of Trains Running on Same Tracks

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A recent social media post by a user identified as Nilesh Nikam, on his X handle,(formerly Twitter) alleged a serious incident involving two Pune Metro trains on the Range Hills station route, purportedly running on the same tracks. 

The viral post suggested that this incident had posed a significant safety risk and questioned the reliability of Pune Metro services, stating that “Metro has set a world record that too in 3 months by endangering the lives of people in Pune. 

Two metro trains ran on the same track; there was a big accident and the emergency alarm went off. This was going on for about 30 to 35 minutes. Is the metro really safe for Pune people?”

However, Pune Metro officials have promptly refuted these claims, clarifying the actual situation.

In an exclusive interview with Pune Pulse, Dr. Hemant Sonawane, Executive Director of Public Relations and Administration at Pune Metro, stated, “Recently, a video of Pune Metro has surfaced on social media in which an individual is seen standing beneath the track at Range Hill Depot, asserting that both metro trains are facing each other on the same track. Pune Metro would like to inform all citizens that the video captures a perspective from below, making it appear as though both metros are on the same route. However, in reality, these two trains are on separate tracks, with the stationary train positioned in the middle. A careful review of the video will reveal this. The horn-honking metro is currently undergoing trials. Both these metro trains are not on the main route but rather on their way to and from the depot. One is en route to the depot, while the other is returning from the depot to the main track.”

He went on to emphasize, “Metro travel is completely safe, and under no circumstances can two metro trains be on the same route simultaneously. In the rare event that such a situation arises, Pune Metro’s advanced system ensures that both trains automatically maintain a safe distance from each other. There is no need for any metro employee to intervene in such cases. All of the metro’s systems are up-to-date, and passenger safety is our top priority.”

Pune Metro has thus clarified that the safety and security of its passengers are paramount, and the incident described in the viral video is not representative of the system’s safety protocols.

Shreyas Vange