Rakhi Sawant to Undergo Surgery, Calls Herself a ‘Fighter’: ‘I Will Entertain People Again’

Rakhi Sawant to Undergo Surgery, Calls Herself a 'Fighter': 'I Will Entertain People Again'

Rakhi Sawant to Undergo Surgery, Calls Herself a 'Fighter': 'I Will Entertain People Again'

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Rakhi Sawant recently shocked fans as photos of her from a hospital in Mumbai went viral on social media. The actress has confirmed that she has a 10 cm tumor in her uterus and will undergo surgery soon. Despite the concerning news, Rakhi remains optimistic and has expressed her determination to overcome this health challenge.

Rakhi’s former husband, Adil Khan Durrani, has dismissed her hospitalization as a “drama” to avoid legal proceedings related to a leaked video case. 

However, Rakhi insists on the seriousness of her condition and her upcoming surgery. She stated, “I will be fine very soon. I am facing health issues and will undergo surgery on Saturday. I am not able to talk much about my health, but Ritesh will keep you all updated about my condition.”

Rakhi also emphasized her confidence in the medical team handling her case. “Doctors are the best here, and they are doing their job perfectly. I’ve never given up in life and have fought many obstacles and battles since childhood. I am going to fight in the operation theatre as well,” she said, breaking into tears but maintaining a hopeful outlook.

The actress, known for her resilient spirit, described herself as a “fighter” and assured her fans that she will return to entertain them. “I am a fighter and I’ll come back, nothing will happen to me. Chota sa tumor hi toh hai nikal jaayega… I’ll come back and dance and sing. I’ll entertain people again.”

Rakhi recounted how she discovered the tumor unexpectedly. “I had no idea there was a tumor. I was dancing in the towel and when I returned home, I fainted. Ritesh ji rushed me to the hospital. After all the reports, it was found I have a tumor. But I know I’ll be back to entertain everyone,” she added.

Rakhi’s ex-husband, Ritesh Raj Singh, told a news agency that doctors discovered the tumor after performing a series of tests and suspect it might be cancer, although additional test results are awaited. Despite this, Rakhi remains positive and focused on her recovery.

As fans await further updates, Rakhi’s unwavering spirit and determination continue to inspire many.