Kondhwa residents organization launches signature campaign to combat traffic issues 

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Kondhwa residents organization launches signature campaign to combat traffic issues

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By: Pune Pulse

November 17, 2023

Pune: Chhabeel Patel, Founder President of Akhil Nagarik Ekta Manch, Kondhwa, has launched a signature campaign to make the Kondhwa area free of traffic jams & issues.

Patel said, “Roads are the blood vessels for the everyday travelling of citizens. Just as a blocked blood vessel increases blood pressure throughout the body, similarly, a narrowed passage puts stress on commuting & everyday life of people in that area. Since Pune-Saswad is a main road, vehicles come at a high speed on this road. This road has an average daily traffic of one and a half lakh vehicles which includes industrial, residential, heavy, cars, two-wheelers, school buses, PMT buses, trucks etc. Citizens here have no means of travelling except coming to this road to go to several parts of Pune city. There is a traffic jam on this road for hours. This nuisance has become an integral part of daily life for citizens.”

As per further information, the following demands have been put forth before the administration with the signature, consent and blessing of all the citizens:

· Saswad highway road from Kondhwa Jyoti Hotel Chowk to Khadi Machine Chowk should be widened

· 24-meter DP road at S.N. 51 to 58 Shivneri Nagar and Kumar Prithvi should be opened.

· H&M Royal Society Kothari School Sobha Carnation, 18 meters DP road, leading to Alcon Royce, should be opened. (S.No. 18 to 23)

· Maral Chowk, D-Mart, Punyadham Ashram to Pisoli Road, this 24-meter road should be widened. (S.N. 24 to 28)

· 18 m DP road should be opened from Notting Hills to Alkan Roys (S.N. 23,24,19,20)

· 24 m DP road from Alcon Royce to NIBM Undri Road (S.N. 21,34) should be started.

· 30-meter DP road should be opened Mata Ramabai Ambedkar Fire Station, from Talab Factory to Kakade Vasti (S.N. 15,7,8,4,2,63)

Shreyas Vange