Pune News : Grand celebration of Chhath Puja in Moshi begins from November 17; Check more details

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Pune News : Grand celebration of Chhath Puja in Moshi begins from November 17

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Every year, Chhath festival is celebrated in several northern states of India. Just like that, a grand Chhath Puja has been organized by Vishwa Shriram Sena Samajik Sanghatan.

Why is Chhath Puja Celebrated?

The sun god, Surya is the focus of the Chhath puja. Every living thing on earth can see the sun, which is also the source of all life. On this day, Chhathi Maiya is worshipped in addition to the Sun God. Vedic astrology states that Chhathi Maiya, also known as Chhathi Mata, grants long life and good health to children while shielding them from illnesses and troubles.

Legend has it that Chhath Puja originated in the early Vedic era, when sages would perform the puja using Rigvedic mantras after fasting for several days. It is thought that Karna, the king of Anga Desh, or present-day Bhagalpur in Bihar, and son of Lord Surya, also conducted Chhath Puja. In accordance with an additional legend, the Puja was also performed by Pandavas and Draupadi to surmount personal challenges and retrieve their exiled kingdom. The Purvanchali people view Chhath Puja as a Mahaparva event.

Chhath Puja Details

  • As per further information, Vishwa Shriram Sena Samajik Sanghatan welcomes all for the Chhath Mahapuja. Following are all the details of the Chhath Mahapuja:
  • ·         Suryashashthi Mahavrat Aarambh – 17th November 2023 (Friday)
  • ·         Chhotki Chhath – 18th November 2023 (Saturday)
  • ·         Badki Chhath (Sandhya Argh) – 19th November 2023 (Sunday) (Sunset 5:58 PM, Pune)
  • ·         Paran (Morning Argha) – 20th November 2023 (Monday) (Sunrise 6:44 AM, Pune)

May Chhath Mata fulfill all people’s wishes.

The venue of the Puja is Near Moshi Toll Plaza, Indrayani River Ghat, Moshi.

Dr Lalbabu Gupta, National President, Vishwa Shriram Sena Samajik Sanghatan & the entire Vishwa Shriram Sena Samajik Sanghatan invites everyone to be a part of this Chhath Puja event.

Shreyas Vange