Kondhwa residents voice concern over haphazard parking, anti-social activities

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Resident Gayathri Sridharan said that they have been facing this issue for a long time and the police patrolling is short-lived


Retired Air Force officer and chairman of Suraksha Co-operating Housing Society in Kondhwa, AD Chhibbar, has approached the Pune city police for help to deal with citizens creating nuisance on the road near the society entry points.


Speaking to Pune Pulse, Chhibbar AVSM (Retd) said, “A public road was constructed, near our society road, leading up to Kumar Suraksha Housing society for the convenience of the residents. However the road is being used for vehicle parking, especially by visitors to the Omkar Garden hall and the ground opposite to the society. As a result, the road leading to the society gate is invariably packed in a manner that entry/exit from the Society becomes difficult. Our request to the car owners generally falls on deaf ears. Similar situation prevails outside the City Lawns and adjacent playing grounds.”

He went on, “Ever since the road from the Welcome Hall corner till Kumar Palmgrove society was commissioned, there has been a major increase in vehicular traffic, including heavy vehicles. This causes congestion in the area and, at most times, inability to exit or enter Kumar Suraksha Society. Due to the excessive cars parked, a cover is provided for unsocial elements to gather outside the society. These elements have been seen to imbibe alcohol or drugs at odd hours of the night and wee hours in the morning. I request the police to give suitable directions to the officials concerned to remove the vehicles not belonging to the society from the road outside the society and secondly to ensure the smooth flow of traffic on the road leading to Kumar Palmgrove Society. Thirdly regular patrolling of the area by policemen is needed to deter unsocial elements from entering the area.”

When contacted, senior police official from Pune City Police headquarters of Pune police department assured help and said they would work to increase the timings of police patrolling.

Retired Colonel from Defence, Anil Mehta said, “The situation here is bad. It is very dangerous for patients like me. What if we get stuck in case of a medical emergency? Even if we explain the situation softly to the people who park their vehicles in a haphazard manner, they start a fight with us. We have faced an emergency crisis even earlier but thankfully there was no major disaster. We need immediate action on this issue.”

Another resident Gayathri Sridharan said that they have been facing this issue for a long time and the police patrolling is short-lived. “It is difficult for women to venture out on this road late at night as we have to deal with haphazard parking, traffic congestion and unwarranted looks, as well. We want an immediate solution to this problem. The guests to the Welcome marriage hall must also be advised to park their vehicles sensibly,” she said.

Chaitraly Deshmukh-Tajane