Locate Speed Breakers in Pune Easily with GPS Apps: Enhancing Road Safety

Pune NGO Challenges PMC Over Speed Breakers, Offers Reward of Rs 100

Pune NGO Challenges PMC Over Speed Breakers, Offers Reward of Rs 100 ( Representational Image )

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to add information about speed breakers to Google Maps in the form of an application in order to help citizens and the government.

A senior PMC road department official said that model roads, traffic management, and speed breakers were the topics of a meeting last week with representatives from the PMC road department, traffic planning department etc.

At this meeting, the road department and the traffic management department decided to create an application for Google Maps that would map speed breakers.

For PMC, reducing roadside accidents and enhancing road safety are of utmost importance. One of the most crucial safety precautions is a speed breaker, but many of them are installed by worried PMC engineers without following the standards set forth by the Indian Road Congress.

The city has over 2,500 speed breakers in various sizes and patterns, according to PMC’s road department. GPS providers will receive access to all speed breaker data, enabling commuters to locate speed breakers precisely on individual roads. It will lessen jarring rides for drivers, help prevent accidents, and maintain vehicle speed.

According to a PMC traffic planner, the civic organization proposed sharing information with navigation companies during the meeting. At the moment, most car-rental companies use GPS to figure out where to drop off a customer. In addition, the majority of luxury cars have integrated GPS systems. Since Google is the application that most users use, they will forward the information to them.