Deepak Tijori Reflects on Changing Times in Bollywood

Deepak Tijori Reflects on Changing Times in Bollywood

Deepak Tijori, actor-filmmaker, shares insights on his latest film and industry challenges.

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Actor Deepak Tijori, known for his roles in blockbuster films like “Aashiqui” and “Khiladi,” recently discussed his latest release, “Tipsy,” and the evolving landscape of Bollywood. Despite spending three decades in the industry, Tijori remains optimistic, though he acknowledges the challenges faced by independent filmmakers like himself.

In an interview, Tijori expressed satisfaction with “Tipsy,” his sixth directorial venture. However, he highlighted the difficulty in securing a proper release for the film, especially with the dominance of the star system in Bollywood. He noted that while having big stars onboard makes filmmaking easier, independent producers struggle to secure adequate showcasing for their films, often overshadowed by studio-backed projects.

Reflecting on the changing dynamics of the industry, Tijori discussed the challenges faced by independent producers, particularly in securing prime slots in multiplexes. He lamented the monopolistic nature of the trade, where private owners dictate the distribution, often sidelining smaller productions.

Regarding his relationship with Bollywood superstars like Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, Tijori emphasized mutual respect. While he values their friendship, he refrains from leveraging those connections for his projects. Instead, he focuses on telling unconventional stories, even if it means working outside the traditional star-driven narratives.

Tijori reminisced about the camaraderie of the ’90s Bollywood, where actors would frequently socialize and collaborate on projects. He noted that similar bonds still exist among the younger generation of actors, who often collaborate and socialize, creating a comfortable working atmosphere reminiscent of his early days in the industry.

Tijori remains hopeful about the future of Bollywood, acknowledging the industry’s evolution while cherishing the enduring friendships and creative collaborations that define his journey.