Viral: Blinkit Responds to Mumbai Mom’s Suggestion with Free Dhaniya Offer

Viral: Blinkit Responds to Mumbai Mom's Suggestion with Free Dhaniya Offer

Viral: Blinkit Responds to Mumbai Mom's Suggestion with Free Dhaniya Offer

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For many Indians, a vegetable purchase feels incomplete without the customary inclusion of complimentary dhaniya patta (coriander leaves).

This tradition, however, is often missing from online grocery platforms. 

Highlighting this, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur, Ankit Sawant, took to social media to share his mother’s surprise at having to pay for coriander leaves while ordering from Blinkit, an online grocery delivery service.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Ankit Sawant recounted his mother’s reaction, writing, “Mom got a mini heart attack because she had to pay for dhaniya on Blinkit. @albinder – mom is suggesting that you should bundle it for free with a certain amount of veggies.” The post quickly went viral, amassing over 2.6 lakh views and nearly 3,900 likes.

The post caught the attention of Blinkit’s CEO, Albinder Dhindsa, who promptly responded with, “Will do.” True to his word, Dhindsa later shared an update on X, indicating that Blinkit would indeed start offering free coriander leaves with vegetable purchases.

Dhindsa’s swift response and the company’s readiness to implement the suggestion have been praised by users on X. 

Comments ranged from, 

“Wow! The execution speed,” 

“Dude, seriously, this is amazing,”  

“That’s literally every mom ever, but thanks! Mine would be happy too.”

This move by Blinkit not only aligns with customer expectations but also taps into the cultural nuances of Indian grocery shopping. The small gesture of adding free dhaniya with vegetable orders can significantly enhance the customer experience, making online shopping feel more personal and considerate of traditional practices.

About Blinkit

Blinkit, co-founded by Albinder Dhindsa in 2013, was originally known as Grofers. The Gurugram-based company, which was acquired by Zomato in 2022, now operates in 26 cities across India. Known for its quick delivery services and wide range of products, Blinkit continues to adapt and innovate based on customer feedback and preferences.

The viral interaction between Ankit Sawant and Albinder Dhindsa highlights how digital platforms can remain responsive and customer-focused, even in seemingly small matters like adding a bunch of dhaniya to an order. This example of attentive customer service not only builds loyalty but also strengthens the connection between the company and its users.