Maharashtra: State Highway Police comes up with solution to ease traffic on Pune Mumbai Expressway

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Pune Mumbai Expressway has been into limelight for series of accidents and traffic congestion.  

To solve the traffic congestion issue, the Highway State Police has found a solution to the jam. 

An additional lane on the opposite side has been created for vehicles going towards Pune from Mumbai. Also, five traffic blocks have been implemented to facilitate heavy traffic on the road. 

Due to the holidays on weekends, on Saturday and Sunday, the Expressway sees heavy traffic on the Pune-Mumbai highway. The long queue of vehicles becomes painful and frustrating for many travelling to Pune and to Mumbai side. 

An additional lane on the opposite side has been provided for vehicles going towards Pune from Mumbai on Sunday.

The opposite lane is created from 44/100 to 46/800 on the highway. Due to the installation of traffic blocks, the police succeeded in allowing 1,300 to 1,400 vehicles at a time.

Giving details about the solution to the increasing traffic issue, Additional Director General of Police Dr Ravinder Singal on the twitter share that the large number of vehicles coming from Mumbai to Pune is the main reason for the traffic jam. Therefore, extra five traffic blocks were added, especially on holidays to ease the traffic.

He further stated, “Citizen’s safety is our first responsibility. Hence, we are doing our best to make the roads in Maharashtra including Pune-Mumbai highways smooth.” 

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