Maharashtra State Junior College Teachers Federation Declares Boycott of 12th Exam Answer Sheet Checking Over Unresolved Demands

Maharashtra State Junior College Teachers Federation Declares Boycott of 12th Exam Answer Sheet Checking Over Unresolved Demands

Maharashtra : Teachers boycott exam answer sheet assessment

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The Maharashtra State Junior College Teachers Federation has taken a significant step by announcing a boycott of the examination for 12th-grade answer sheets in 2024. This decision comes in response to the federation’s claims that the pending demands of junior college teachers in the state have not been addressed. Despite prior notices to School Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar, the federation alleges that no action has been taken, leading to the decision to boycott the examination.

Background and Demands:

Last year, on March 2, discussions were held regarding the issues faced by junior college teachers, and a written assurance was provided. However, the federation contends that instead of approving the agreed-upon demands for 1,298 additional posts, only 283 teachers were ordered to be included. Furthermore, inclusion orders have not been issued for many teachers despite efforts to rectify errors, resulting in the suspension of their salaries. Outstanding demands, such as salary scale for ‘IT’ teachers, the assured in-service progression scheme, and compliance with student number norms as per school code, remain unfulfilled. Despite promises to address remaining demands after the summer session, the federation claims that no progress has been made, leading to the decision to boycott the 12th-grade answer sheet examination.

Ongoing Struggle and Attempts for Resolution:

The federation has highlighted that despite repeated visits and statements, there has been no resolution to their demands. In a letter dated January 30, the federation emphasized the need to apply the old pension scheme to teachers appointed on a part-time, unsubsidized, and partially subsidized basis before November 2005. Additionally, they urged the provision of retirement scheme benefits.

– Guaranteed progression scheme should be implemented for teachers like government employees

– Abolition of 20 per cent condition for selective category

– Pay scale for IT subject teachers along with sanctioning of increment posts

– Declare non-declared higher secondary schools with subsidy, also apply the prevailing subsidy formula to partially subsidized schools and junior colleges immediately

– Oppressive for subsidy Conditions should be abolished

– Transfers from unaided to aided should be approved

– Pending increments filled with errors should be approved immediately

– Vacancies of teachers should be filled up expeditiously

– Junior college teachers with M.Phil., Ph.D. should be given pay increment at par with teachers in higher education

– Gratuity amount 20 lakhs plus retirement age 60 years should be done

– The Vice Principals of Junior Colleges should be given pay increment on promotion

The decision by the Maharashtra State Junior College Teachers Federation to boycott the examination of 12th-grade answer sheets reflects their ongoing struggle for the fulfillment of demands and the resolution of longstanding issues. 

The federation’s commitment to their cause underscores the challenges faced by junior college teachers and the importance of addressing their concerns for the betterment of the education system.

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