Man murdered in Ghorpade Peth; shot three times in head

Man murdered in Ghorpade Peth; shot three times in head

Man murdered in Ghorpade Peth; shot three times in head -Pune Pulse (Image for representational purpose only)

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By: Pune Pulse

October 30, 2023

Pune: The crime rate in Pune has witnessed a surge, as evidenced by a recent incident in the Khadak area on Monday midnight. In this distressing event, a group of assailants forcefully entered the residence of a man residing in Ghorpade Peth. Tragically, the sleeping man was fatally shot three times in the head.

Unsurprisingly, this incident has instilled fear and panic among the residents. The deceased has been identified as Anil Sahu, a 35-year-old individual. Following the attack, the assailants swiftly fled the scene. Anil Sahu, who resided at Sinhagad Garage Chowk in Ghorpade Peth, was sound asleep at his residence when the unfortunate incident occurred. His family, also present in the house at the time, was oblivious to the unfolding tragedy.

Around 2 a.m., one of the attackers forcibly entered Sahu’s house and proceeded to shoot him consecutively, resulting in his untimely demise. Subsequently, the assailant swiftly made his escape. The gunshots awakened the Sahu family, who were horrified to discover Anil Sahu lying lifeless in a pool of blood. They promptly rushed him to the hospital, but their efforts were in vain as Sahu had already succumbed to his injuries.

Upon receiving information about the incident, the police promptly arrived at the scene. In their pursuit of justice, investigation teams have been formed to track down the unidentified assailant, and an extensive search operation has been initiated. An FIR has been registered against the assailant. The recent surge in crime in Pune has become a cause for concern, with murders and altercations becoming distressingly common place.