Man Upset After Receiving Used Laptop Instead of New One from Amazon

Man Upset After Receiving Used Laptop Instead of New One from Amazon

Rohan Das expresses disappointment after receiving a used laptop instead of a new one from Amazon

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Getting a good deal online is supposed to be exciting, but it turned into a big disappointment for a man. Rohan Das thought he was buying a brand-new laptop from Amazon for a hefty Rs 1 lakh, but what he got was a used one. He shared his frustration in a video, aiming to show others what happened.

In the video, Rohan explains how he ordered a Lenovo laptop from Amazon on April 30 and got it delivered by May 7. However, when he checked the warranty on Lenovo’s official website, it had already begun in December 2023. This indicated that the laptop had been used before. Rohan didn’t hold back his feelings, warning others to be cautious before making purchases on Amazon.

His post, titled “I Was Scammed By Amazon! @amazonIN selling used products as new,” quickly gained attention, with many others sharing similar experiences. One user suggested taking the matter to consumer courts and seeking compensation, while another shared their disappointing encounter with Amazon.

Even Amazon responded, apologizing for the mistake and asking for more details about the issue. Although some suggested contacting Lenovo for resolution, Rohan shared a response from Lenovo’s official team, clarifying their warranty policy.

This incident serves as a reminder to double-check purchases online and be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true.