Medical Mishap: Woman’s Life Shattered Due to Botched Surgery

Medical Mishap: Woman's Life Shattered Due to Botched Surgery

Medical Mishap: Woman's Life Shattered Due to Botched Surgery

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Family seeks justice for severe medical negligence, calls for government intervention

Satara: A devastating case of medical negligence has come to light in Sonawade, Satara. A botched family planning surgery left Gautami Shashikant Patil in severe pain and fighting for her life. The operation, performed at the Sonawade Government Hospital by Dr. Nanavare and Dr. Dubal, was mishandled, leading to multiple complications.

Deepak Kedar, National President of All India Panther Sena shared the information on his social media handle seeking help from government and justice to the patient who is suffering immensely due to medical negligence. On the night of the surgery, Patil, 35, experienced excruciating pain post-operation. Despite her cries for help, doctors allegedly restrained her by gaging her mouth and tying her down. They continued the procedure for hours. Following the surgery, Patil was given painkillers through saline and discharged two days later, only to be readmitted with worsening pain.

Realizing the severity of her condition, the hospital transferred her to Patan for a sonography. The doctors there upon, seeing her bloated abdomen, advised immediate treatment in Karad. Patil was taken to Cottage Hospital in Karad, then to Krishna Hospital, and finally to Bharati Hospital in Sangli. Each hospital administered only painkillers, and her condition continued to deteriorate.

After two days of suffering, it was discovered that Patil had a perforated intestine, leading to widespread infection affecting her kidneys and liver. Surgeons at Bharati Hospital conducted an emergency operation, removing a tube from her abdomen. Despite the intervention, Patil’s condition remained critical.

The incident has sparked outrage, with All India Panther Sena and local leader Aditya Gaikwad demanding immediate action. Gaikwad, upon learning of the incident, mobilized a protest that lasted five days, even in adverse weather conditions. The protest resulted in the suspension of one doctor and an investigation into two others.

Gautami Shashikant Patil, now on the brink of death, remains in critical condition. Her family who is devastated, her children and husband in tears as they witness her suffering. 

The All India Panther Sena has called for the suspension of the responsible doctors and government intervention to provide medical aid at a larger hospital and financial assistance of Rs 25 lakh to the affected family. The Maharashtra State Women’s Commission Chairman, Rupali Chakankar, has taken cognizance of the incident and initiated an investigation, promising stringent action against those found guilty. 

Deepak Kedar, National President of All India Panther Sena thanked the Maharashtra State Women’s Commission for their attention to the matter which has awakened hope for justice.

The case highlights a severe lapse in medical ethics and the urgent need for accountability in the healthcare system.