Mentally disturbed man axes 2 senior citizens to death in Maharashtra, arrested from pond

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In a shocking incident in the Koodan hamlet of Boisar, Palghar district, Maharashtra, a man identified as Kishor Kumar Mandal, who is believed to be mentally disturbed, brutally murdered two senior citizens using an axe. The horrifying crime took place in the Koodan village, where the assailant attacked the victims, resulting in their tragic deaths.

After committing the crime, the witnesses raised an alarm, prompting the alleged perpetrator to flee the scene. Responding swiftly, the police managed to apprehend Kishor Kumar Mandal near a mud pond in the nearby forest area. The suspect, deemed mentally disturbed, is now in custody, and the police are conducting further investigations into the motive and circumstances surrounding the gruesome double murder.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the local community, highlighting the need for addressing mental health concerns and ensuring the safety of vulnerable individuals. The Palghar Police have yet to release additional details regarding the victims and the potential factors leading to the violent attack.

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