Millennial Moms and Gen Z children are striking the right balance of life

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In the growing digital era, kids are born with technology and great curiosity. Predominant dilemmas about the allowed screen time, access to social media, the replacement of language by new “Instagram” lingo , fueled by the unavailability of a guide on how to parent your child in the fast-paced digital era has made this subject quite a topic of debate. 
Akanksha Dharmani for Pune Pulse interviewed two moms with their GenZ kids Adaah Somji and Ayat Gabrani. Read to know what they have to share. 

We bet you will love how smart Gen Z is and how cool our Millennial Moms are by the end of the article. 

Who are Millennial Mothers? 
Women who were born between 1980 to 1993. Mothers to gen Z With the median age of 33 -year-old in 2021. 
Millennials are popularly known as smart, adaptive and revolutionary. Born with no technology to baby boomers or the helicopter mothers where the verb ‘Parenting’ barely existed to being full swing ‘Millennial mothers’ who practice Educated parenting like Holistic Living, Gender-Neutral Parenting, Learning Child Psychology, Conscious Living and more. 
Millennial motherhood is largely influenced by the internet. There are numerous books, articles and social media influencers demonstrating Millennial parenting. 

1) How is Millennial motherhood different from Baby Boomer motherhood ? 
– “I believe the millennial generation is exactly like McDonald’s patty which is in the middle of normal flour bread (our parents ) and now vegan bread!! (Gen z) We are so stuck between parents of a traditional/ conservative background vs parenting Gen Z! It’s challenging and difficult to understand the perspective of Gen Z and to accept that it’s ok to have an opinion today, which we as millennials were quietly denied to have. Being an Indian background of course.” said Dinaaz Gabrani.

2) What is your opinion on Screen Time? 
– More often than not screen time is the biggest taboo and most mothers agree it should be Limited Screen Time and one must not make a big deal about it. A balance is always good. 
Hear it from our MM, “I believe in Green time more than Screen time. But in this lockdown, we have been steered towards the screen as a natural way of life. Screen time is something you can’t live with and can’t live without. It’s tricky, to say the least. But it’s important to maintain a healthy balance. An open conversation and reasoning with the child always help. I am all for nature and sunsets and getting down and dirty in the rains. And fortunately so is Adaah. She has learnt to balance it out and I have learnt to accept screen time as a part of living without making it a big deal,” shared Dimple Somji. 
“Moderation is the key, screen time should be limited,” agreed Dinaaz Gabrani. 

3) Lingos as New language? / Five lingos you learnt from your Gen Z child? – We asked the mother to tell us 5 lingos they use most while having a conversation. ” Bae, Fomo , Ootd and maybe once in a while I say, You slay girl! to my daughter,” shared Dinaaz Gabrani 
” Woke, Lit, Gram, Lol and Bro.” are 5 lingos added to my speech, added Dimple Somji.

4) Is Gen Z more attention-seeking? 
– In our former article ‘It’s Okay to not be Okay’ we covered the millennials and therapy. A need for Instant gratification was posed as a common issue in the current generation, we asked the mothers if they feel the same and do the kids need more attention? 

Both mother’s said that Gen Z gets the attention they deserve. Once they are heard they don’t see Gen Z asking for unnecessary attention! “Gen Z is more sorted as a generation, more advanced and ready with a lot of life tools and skills.” also as Millennial mother’s, we practice ‘Woke, modern and aware parenting methods” leaving the kids feeling fulfilled. 
The mothers commonly agree that “they didn’t get the attention they deserved while growing up.” 
So clearly, Gen Z is not attention-seeking because they are well heard by their Millennial Mommies. 

5) Would you call your parenting Modern or Traditional or Modern Holistic? 
– “Undoubtedly it is completely Holistic. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have always believed that I am only here to provide guidance to Adaah. Not mother her. She is her own person and must bloom into her own self. She doesn’t have to become another me. She will follow her own path and dreams. She mediates and sends healing to the world at large, chooses compassion over sympathy and appreciates little things with more value. I wouldn’t have it any other way, ” shared Mommy Somji. 

Dinaaz Gabrani said she likes to keep it the modern way but with appropriate balance. 
While the moms shared their bit, we also interviewed the Gen Z kids and got some insights on how do they feel about their Millennial Mothers. 
– “I enjoy showing her the latest trends and pet videos. She is enthusiastic also joins me in creating Instagram reels, ” shared our li’ll Youtuber and Yogi Adaah Somji, 8-year-old. 

“I feel like adults and kids think differently and maybe sometimes when I get a really good idea I’ll share it with my mom. If something had to go on her page I would let her decide. When I have a good idea and want it to go on my page I share everything and tell her to perfect it, “shared little perfectionist Ayat Gabrani, a 12-year-old.

Ayat has a separate Instagram ID that she operates the handle with her mother from her mom’s phone. 

3) How many apps do you use? Which is your favourite? –
Adaah Somji uses 6 to 7 apps. “Instagram is my favourite. I operate from my mom’s account. I enjoy lillyketman IG handle on Instagram and on YouTube Alexa Rivera.” 
“I use many gaming and editing apps. My most favourite app is Video Star.” taking up, on her mother, Ayat Gabrani likes to explore her creative side by editing on multiple apps

4) Screen time or playground time?- Both Gen Z kids instantly replied ‘Playground time’. 

5) Do you like keeping up with trends/filters?
– Adaah Somji loves to keep up with the trends while Ayat Gabrani enjoys them mostly because of her best friend and her mom. 

Ayat helps her mommy designer to keep up with trends by creating a lot of content for her. 

To sum it up we see Millennial continue to be the revolutionary even as mothers and Gen Z feels totally well taken care of striking a perfect balance. Adapting and intelligently navigating the change only benefits all of us. True education is only uplifting and our internet MM’s are killing it!