MNS raises concern about closing down of PMC school in SRPF

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The students of Pune Municipal Corporation number 88 B are in deep shock as the school situated in the premises of the State Reserve Police Force Group 2 is on the verge of being closed down. The school was established in 1967. .

Parents of the students studying in the school recently approached NIBM Prabhag president of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Rohan Gaikwad and appealed to him to stop the shutting down of the PMC school number 88 B located in SRPF Group 2 premises. 

When Rohan Gaikwad approached the school officials, the school said there is no official correspondence for the same from PMC. But yes SRPF officials have contacted us and informed us regarding the closing down of the school.

Rohan Gaikwad told Pune Pulse that he has submitted a memorandum to the Education Department, PMC and also a letter to the Education Minister in this matter. He further stated that Marathi school should not be down. SPRF can provide an alternate space to run the school. It will be a big shock for the local residents as well as those who live in SRPF premises. 

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