Mobile Cover: Do you think it’s safe and hygienic ? 

Mobile Cover

Mobile Cover: Do you think it's safe and hygienic ?

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90% of people use covers on their phones. However, many are unaware of potential risks associated with it. Let’s explore why putting a cover on your mobile might not be advisable for some.

Everyone takes a lot of care after buying a new phone. To avoid even the slightest scratch on the screen of a new phone, people immediately apply a screen guard. Apart from this, the cover for the phone is considered to be an important thing. People buy the phone in the color they like. But they also put a cover on it. So that the phone stays safe.

But very few people know that the phone cover can also bring many kinds of problems to the mobile. Yes, a phone cover is not always beneficial. Let’s see how.

  • 1. Covering the phone can cause heating problems. These mobiles heat up quickly especially in summer if the phone is kept covered. As the phone heats up, it hangs and starts running slow.
  • 2. Some reports also claim that the cover on the phone causes problems with its charging. It is said that when the phone starts heating up, it cannot charge properly.
  • 3. If you do not apply a good quality cover, there is a risk of bacteria build-up. Also, if your cover is magnetic, it causes problems with GPS and Compass.
  • 4. Talking about the design, these days mobile companies are launching new phones with amazingly designed back panels. In such a situation if you apply color on your phone, its entire look will be hidden.

Tip: If you want to put a cover on the phone to protect it from scratches. That means removing the cover while charging. Also, don’t keep the phone covered while playing games.