Monsoon Delayed by 4 Days in Kerala, IMD Predicts

Pune Pulse Monsoon

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) is indicating a potential delay in the onset of the monsoon season in Kerala. Traditionally commencing on June 1, this year’s monsoon in the southern state is expected to arrive around June 4, according to the IMD’s press release.

According to the IMD data, Kerala has experienced timely monsoons over the past three years, typically beginning around June 1. However, the IMD’s recent announcement suggests a possible delay of four days for the monsoon season this year.

The IMD’s press release emphasizes that the monsoon’s arrival in Kerala marks the end of the scorching summer season, characterized by dry weather conditions. While the IMD’s operational forecasts have accurately predicted the monsoon onset in Kerala over the past 18 years, with an exception in 2015, this year’s forecast indicates a slight deviation from the usual timeline.

In 2022, the monsoon arrived in Kerala on May 29, followed by June 3 in 2021 and June 1 in 2020. However, the IMD has not yet disclosed the anticipated onset dates for the monsoon in other regions of the country, keeping the public eagerly awaiting further announcements.

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