Restricted Access : Khadakwasla Dam Backwaters Off-Limits for Tourists

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To curb drowning incidents and water pollution, the Water Resources Department at Khadakwasla Dam has announced that tourists are prohibited from entering the area. 

The Water Resources Department has taken decisive action to safeguard the water supply to the city by imposing a strict prohibition on entering the Khadakwasla Dam reservoir. To enforce this, prohibition signs have been prominently displayed in the dam area, while ten security guards have been deployed for enhanced vigilance. The department has also sought the assistance of the Police Department to ensure the security of the restricted area.

In collaboration with the Public Works Department and Forest Department, the Khadakwasla Irrigation Department, led by Executive Engineer Vijay Patil, has  installed nets in the area near the dam. These nets serve as an additional deterrent to prevent unauthorized entry into the water. Furthermore, warning signs have been erected to alert visitors to the potential dangers associated with disregarding the restrictions. 

The large catchment area of the dam has been a common entry point for tourists, leading to unfortunate incidents. In response, plans are underway to prevent tourists from accessing the water through this route, as highlighted by Executive Engineer Vijay Patil. 

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Patil stated that the department has installed a board urging citizens to not to venture into the water. Those violating the rules areAlso, with many drowning cases, the move aims to curb any unfortunate incident. Tourists should abide by the rules. A fine of Rs 500 is also imposed on those entering the dam area. 

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