Pune Smart City Integrates 2700 Live Camera Feeds for Enhanced Urban Safety

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The Pune Smart City has revolutionized urban safety with the integration of over 2700 live camera feeds into its Integrated Command Control Center (ICCC). This collaborative effort with Pune City Police has significantly improved surveillance and response capabilities, making the city a safer place for its citizens.

A smart city official said, “Pune Smart City, in partnership with Pune City Police, has prioritized safety and sustainable security for its residents. By integrating an extensive network of live camera feeds into the ICCC, the city has established a cutting-edge surveillance system that operates 24/7, enabling real-time monitoring and prompt incident response.” 

The vision of Pune Smart City and its dedication to leveraging advanced technology for public safety. The implementation of the ICCC not only enhances vigilance but also strengthens the city’s security infrastructure, positioning Pune as a forward-thinking metropolis that seamlessly blends safety with sustainability.

The comprehensive surveillance initiative undertaken by Pune Smart City, showcasing its commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art technology. By embracing strategic partnerships and harnessing the power of advanced surveillance systems, Pune Smart City sets a new benchmark for urban safety, serving as an exemplary model for cities worldwide.

The widespread interest in Pune Smart City’s ICCC from other smart cities across the country. Highlighting the significance of collaboration and knowledge sharing, city officials discuss their recent hosting of the Lucknow Smart City team at the ICCC, aiming to foster growth and development in smart cities throughout India.

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