MSRTC & cops clash over CCTV dispute at Swargate depot

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MSRTC & cops clash over CCTV dispute at Swargate depot

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Pune : The Swargate bus stand’s CCTV cameras appear to be a target for the police and the state transportation agency.

The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) was recently urged to install cameras with good recording capabilities by the Swargate police in a letter.

The police have also requested that more cameras be installed on the Swargate bus stand property by the MSRTC in the letter.

The letter was written after the police examined the CCTV cameras on the bus stand’s property and discovered that only a small number of them were in working order.

In addition to complaints of spare part thefts from the bus stand, passengers and visitors have been reporting more and more incidents of bag lifting and chain snatching, which is why the police check was carried out.

According to a police official, following reports of bag lifts and chain snatching from the Swargate ST stand, the team went to investigate the network of CCTV cameras already in place. Out of the 24 CCTV cameras, only about four or five were found to be working. 

Additionally, the ones that are operating only produce hazy images, which will not aid in the investigation of any potential crimes. Given the large volume of traffic the bus stand sees every day, more CCTV cameras were required on the property.

Senior state transportation officials refuted the police’s allegations, stating that all 24 of the CCTV cameras surrounding the Swargate depot are in operation. Every month, the CCTV cameras’ maintenance is completed. 

After checking them, they discovered that they were functional. Additionally, in the event that it becomes necessary, they will submit a request for additional cameras surrounding the ST stand to the headquarters.

In addition to other incidents involving the ST stand property, the Swargate police have so far this year reported five cases of chain snatching and eight cases of bag lifting.

Police have also requested that new CCTV cameras be installed at the bus stand’s entrance and exit gates by the state transportation agency.

Shreyas Vange

(Source – TOI)