Nagarjuna Faces Backlash Over Airport Incident

Nagarjuna Faces Backlash Over Airport Incident

Nagarjuna Faces Backlash Over Airport Incident

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Veteran Telugu actor Nagarjuna is facing criticism after a video of his airport arrival went viral. In the video, Nagarjuna, with Dhanush walking behind him, is seen navigating a crowded airport surrounded by security. During this, a handicapped fan tried to approach Nagarjuna but was aggressively pushed away by a bodyguard. Though the bodyguard paused briefly to help the fan, the video has sparked outrage online.

Nagarjuna has apologized and promised to prevent similar incidents in the future. However, many online believe that his apology is merely damage control. One user on X commented, “You were there… you are acting as if you were sleepwalking and didn’t notice. Go back to the airport and apologize to the fan who was humiliated, not on social media.” Another user added, “The ordinary man just came for one selfie and he was pushed out so badly… We respect you so much, but stars are stars because of fans, and now you apologize saying you didn’t notice, but the incident was not so smooth and silent. It’s easy to say ‘I didn’t notice!!!'”

Sympathizing with the fan, another user wrote, “That poor chap was a handicap. Had you felt sorry, you would have stopped right then and there and apologized. This is so bad.” This incident has affected Nagarjuna’s image among his fans. One comment read, “I had a different impression of Nagarjuna. Very sad to see this side of him.”

While many criticize Nagarjuna, some fans blame his security team. “Maybe you should train your security guards on how to deal with your fans, and you should meet him personally and take a selfie and apologize to him!” suggested one user. Another said, “This is sad, Nagarjuna is a fine human being. Should hire some good staff. This is not acceptable.”

Fans are also calling on Dhanush to react, as he was close by during the incident. An X user commented, “Also none will call out @dhanushkraja? He saw everything.” Another added, “You just can’t say you didn’t notice that. Even Mr. @dhanushkraja noticed it at that time.”

Dhanush has yet to comment on the situation.

Photo Caption: Nagarjuna at the airport where the incident took place.