Naked man arrested after causing chaos on Australian flight

Naked man arrested after causing chaos on Australian flight

Police arrested a man who allegedly ran naked through a Virgin Australia flight, disrupting the journey.

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A man was arrested after allegedly running naked down the aisle of a Virgin Australia flight, causing chaos and knocking over a flight attendant. The incident happened on Tuesday during a domestic flight in Australia.

Virgin Australia reported that the Australian Federal Police were waiting at the airport when the plane landed. “The disruptive guest was offloaded,” the airline stated.

According to the police, “officers arrested a man after he allegedly ran naked through the aircraft mid-flight and knocked a crew member to the floor.” The man was taken to the hospital for assessment and remains there.

The man is expected to appear in court in Perth on June 14, though the specific charges are yet to be determined. It is still unclear why the passenger removed his clothes during the flight.

Virgin Australia apologized to all passengers affected by the incident, emphasizing that the safety of passengers and crew is their top priority. Both the airline and the police declined to provide further comments.

Witnesses on the flight described scenes of “yelling and screaming” as the naked man ran towards the front of the plane. Despite the disturbance, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that no one was injured, although a flight attendant was knocked down.

The flight continued on its journey after the man was removed, arriving in Melbourne 28 minutes late.