NCP Pune holds protest after Sharad Pawar’s house attacked in Mumbai

Chaitraly Deshmukh

Soon after the news spread about the Member of Parliament and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) supremo Sharad Pawar’s house in Mumbai was attacked by the agitators of the state transport bus, the NCP party members staged protest at Balgandharva Chowk in Pune on Friday evening.

As many as hundreds NCP workers staged a protest at Balgandharv Chowk in Pune, Maharashtra condemning the attack.

NCP Pune city president Prashant Jagtap said, “Today’s attack is entirely BJP-led and we demand a high-level inquiry in this incident and the real mastermind behind the attack should be found. While the issue of workers’ strike is completely justifiable but he has nothing to do with it, the BJP is master mind of such aggression that such protest that went violent. It seems that the ST’s staffers lawyer Gunaratna Sadavarte is working to provoke the ST workers. Ever since Devendra Fadnavis has lost power in the state they are taking revenge on us.”

He added, “Adv. Gunaratna Sadavarte seems to be BJP’s puppet. This is dirty way of politics in Maharashtra which is stooping so low. NCP chief Sharad Pawar has made valuable contribution for development of the country. On the one hand, all the central agencies like ED and CBI are defaming our leaders by carrying out false activities, while on the other hand, former CM Devendra Fadnavis is the mastermind behind all such political games.”

Senior leader Deepak Mankar said, “The investigation needs to be carried in depth about who has prompted and supported such violent agitation.”

Adv Rupali Thombre Patil said, “Adv Sadavarte should use his skills in his professional life and not use such tactics.
He was celebrating till yesterday in the court, then what happened today ? This is cheap political stunt by opposition.

Rupali Chakankar, president, Maharashtra State Women Commission too joined the protest and said, “It is indeed very shocking and hurting to see such attack on our party head. It was Sharad Pawar who held maximum meetings for ST workers. They cannot do this, they are provoked by someone. “

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