NCP Pune Protested Against Harassment To International Players by Delhi Police

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In light of the mistreatment of international players by the police in the capital city of India, New Delhi, the Nationalist Congress Party staged a strong protest near Gopalkrishna Gokhale Chowk (Goodluck Hotel Chowk) in Pune. 

Shilpa Bhosale, a renowned Kabaddi player, expressed her concern, saying, “When a family strives to nurture their child into a legendary sportsperson, they make significant sacrifices, including financial compromises and more. However, it is disheartening and embarrassing when individuals like Brij Bhushan Singh suggest that a medal can be purchased for Rs 15. As a fellow athlete, I find it deeply embarrassing that P.T. Usha, the President of the Indian Olympics Association and a role model for many in the sports community, remains silent on this issue. By appointing her as an MP, Prime Minister Modi has effectively silenced her. Therefore, P.T. Usha should step down as the President of the Indian Olympics Association. Additionally, it is disappointing that even actor Aamir Khan, who starred in the acclaimed sports film ‘Dangal,’ has not spoken up about this matter.”

Prashant Jagtap, President of the Nationalist Congress Party in Pune, criticized the Modi government, stating, “The Modi government has insulted and disrespected players from various states and regions who have achieved numerous medals, including gold, silver, and others, in events like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. These players have been protesting in New Delhi for the past one and a half months, demanding the arrest and removal of Brij Bhushan Singh. However, PM Modi has refrained from taking action, fearing that it would affect his government’s chances of remaining in power.”

Jagtap further added, “The Delhi Police have subjected the players to brutal treatment, forcefully detaining them in police vans. Therefore, in solidarity with the players, we have two demands: firstly, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah must resign, and secondly, Brij Bhushan Singh must be immediately arrested.”

Currently, all the players remain in custody in New Delhi, and their future remains uncertain.

Shreyas Vange