NET, SET, and SLET Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Direct Recruitment of Assistant Professors : Announces UGC

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In a significant development, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has solidified the National Eligibility Test (NET), State Eligibility Test (SET), and State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) as the minimum criteria for direct recruitment to the esteemed position of Assistant Professor in all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The UGC made this announcement as part of the second amendment to the minimum qualifications required for the appointment of teachers and academic staff in universities and colleges. The amendment aims to uphold and enhance the standards of higher education as outlined in the University Grants Commission Regulations of 2023.

In a press release, the UGC stated, “NET/SET/SLET shall be the minimum criteria for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Professor for all Higher Education Institutions.” Furthermore, the Commission has also rescinded the first amendment made in the UGC Regulations of 2021, effectively rendering it void.

Previously, the UGC mandated a doctoral degree (PhD) as a compulsory requirement for individuals aspiring to become Assistant Professors. However, commencing from July 1, 2023, possessing a PhD qualification will be optional for appointment to the Assistant Professor position. Instead, candidates who successfully pass the NET/SET/SLET examinations will now be deemed eligible to apply for Assistant Professorship roles in universities and colleges.

This recent decision by the UGC opens up opportunities for talented individuals who have excelled in the NET, SET, and SLET examinations to contribute to the academic landscape as Assistant Professors, providing a more inclusive pathway for aspiring educators in the field of higher education.

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