New Scheme Allows Engineering Students to Opt Out After First Year, Rejoin Post-Internship

New Scheme Allows Engineering Students to Opt Out After First Year, Rejoin Post-Internship

New Scheme Allows Engineering Students to Opt Out After First Year, Rejoin Post-Internship

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Pune: Students enrolled in three-year government diploma engineering courses will soon have the option to undergo 12 weeks of industry training after completing the second semester, earning credits based on their self-learning abilities. They can then rejoin for the third and fourth semesters, effectively completing the second year. This initiative aligns with the New Education Policy (NEP) and is set to be introduced by the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) in the upcoming academic year 2024-25.

Starting from June 20, students can apply for the new scheme, known as the “K Scheme,” via a registration link that will be made available. The K Scheme aims to gradually replace the current I Scheme curriculum by 2025 and will be implemented for the new batch of diploma students in polytechnic institutions.

The MSBTE Official highlighted that the syllabus revision for the first year of the diploma course was completed in the academic year 2023-24, and efforts are underway to revise the syllabus for the second year. He emphasized that the overhaul of diploma courses and syllabi change is being carried out under the K Scheme introduced by the MSBTE. The multi-entry and multi-exit system under the NEP will be applicable to students who opt for the K Scheme, with a focus on learning and assessment.

Under the new framework, students will undergo four weeks of industry training or pursue other academic activities. They will be assessed based on their self-learning abilities, in addition to the usual theory and practical tests. The new courses will offer a wider choice of subjects and multiple entry and exit options, aligning with the key features of the NEP. Students who choose to opt out of the course and do not return will receive a certificate of vocation for completing one year.

The MSBTE will provide a registration link on its website by June 20 for students interested in the K Scheme. College principals and heads have been instructed to thoroughly understand the scheme and explain it to department heads. The revised structure for the first semester of the three-year diploma program, comprising 49 specializations, has already been released by the MSBTE.

Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to select subjects from their own stream as well as other engineering branches starting from the fourth semester. Industry training will continue to be provided in the fifth and sixth semesters, with students required to earn credits through self-learning term work. Additionally, students will engage with the community as part of a social internship between the second and third semesters.