No Shave November: Know the concept, significance, tips to keep beard smooth & more

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No Shave November: Know the concept, significance, tips to keep beard smooth & more

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By: Pune Pulse

November 18, 2023

Pune : Every year, ‘No-Shave November’ is observed globally as a way to raise awareness about accepting hair, which many cancer patients lose, and allowing it to grow freely and wild. People are urged to donate the money they would have spent on grooming and shaving to help those battling cancer, spread awareness of cancer prevention, and save lives.

The Aim:

By giving up razors for thirty days and contributing the monthly grooming care costs to the cause, people can help raise awareness during No-Shave November. No-Shave November is a month-long initiative that encourages people to forgo grooming and shaving to spark conversation and increase awareness of cancer.

Ways to Keep Beard Well Maintained

People would wonder about ways to keep their beards well-maintained during the month of November. Following are some ways to keep your beard straight, soft & well-maintained:

·         Combing

To style your beard, use a round brush with a fine, fine-tooth. You can ensure that every hair on your beard is perfectly symmetrical by using a fine-tooth comb. For the ideal shape, you can also use the round brush when blow-drying your beard. Dry your beard with a blow dryer and simultaneously brush the hair down with a comb.

·         Diet

In order to achieve a naturally soft beard on your face, you must alter your dietary habits to maintain a healthy and well-nourished beard. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone that can be blocked by eating enough protein and vitamins.

·         Beard Cream

To maintain the style of your beard, pick up some beard styling cream. Make sure to thoroughly massage the beard balm into your hair. Using gentle hands, apply the cream and shape your beard appropriately. Steer clear of beard balms with artificial ingredients like petroleum jelly for optimal outcomes.

·         Grooming

Maintaining your beard healthily involves regular washing and oiling. To maintain it naturally straight and silky, use a mild shampoo and conditioner in addition to beard oil. Using beard oil will provide moisture to your skin and moisturize your facial hair.

·         Blow Dryer

To give your beard shape and style, use a medium-heat blow dryer. One of the best tools a man can use to style his beard is a blow dryer. Remember to place a blow dryer far away from anything hot to prevent heat damage.

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