Notorious markets list: Indian markets in the spotlight

Notorious markets list: Indian markets in the spotlight

Notorious markets list: Indian markets in the spotlight

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The recently released 2023 notorious markets list by the US trade representatives has spotlighted three Indian markets—Heera Panna in Mumbai, Tank Road in New Delhi, and Sadar Patrappa road market in Bengaluru, along with online platforms IndiaMart, Vegamovies, and WHMCS smarters. 

These markets are reported to engage in substantial trademark counterfeiting or copyright piracy.

Heera Panna, known for offering knock-offs of global brands, Tank Road, a wholesale market in Delhi specializing in clothing, and Sadar Patrappa Road in Bengaluru, a hub for electronic and hardware goods, have raised concerns due to their association with duplicate products. This marks a recurrence for Heera Panna and Tank Road, which were highlighted in the 2021 Notorious Markets List.

The US trade representatives underscored the need for robust enforcement actions, especially as physical markets witness increased foot traffic after COVID-19 restrictions eased. 

The Heera Panna shopping center, located near the busy Haji Ali junction in Mumbai, has been infamous for selling rip-offs of top global brands. Unsurprisingly, it is a favourite for those looking for big labels for cheap, making the ‘first copies’ and ‘second copies’ on offer a favourite.

Sadar Patrappa Road or the SP Road in the KR Market of Bengaluru is known as a hub of electronic, hardware, and machine tool goods and is equally notorious for its duplicate products.

Tank Road is a popular wholesale market in Delhi where customers can get clothes at reasonable prices. It is known for the sheer variety of denim available across shops.

While the spotlight raises concerns about counterfeit sales, traders from these markets emphasize a commitment to authentic goods at reasonable prices. 

Authorities, in response to counterfeit products, typically register complaints under copyright laws and seize items.

The report encourages countries like China to adopt enforcement measures to counter evolving counterfeit sales dynamics.

As the markets continue to attract budget-conscious consumers, vigilance is recommended to navigate potential pitfalls amid the presence of counterfeit products and scammers.

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