OnePlus 12 : A Technological Marvel Unleashed 

OnePlus 12 : A Technological Marvel Unleashed 

OnePlus 12 : A Technological Marvel Unleashed 

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The OnePlus 12 5G has taken the smartphone experience to new heights, presenting a fusion of aesthetics, performance, and cutting-edge technology. This comprehensive review delves into the distinctive features of the OnePlus 12, exploring its design, display, performance, camera capabilities, and battery life.

Design Elegance :

The OnePlus 12 exhibits its trademark round Hasselblad camera module, a left-sided alert slider, and a captivating Flowy Emerald color that sets it apart in the smartphone landscape. The marble-like finish not only integrates with nature but also ensures a firm grip, creating a unique visual appeal. The glass cover protecting the round camera module adds a layer of sophistication, though considerations for its durability may arise.

Display Brilliance:

Boasting a no-nonsense 2K 120Hz ProXDR Display with LTPO+, the OnePlus 12’s screen stands out as a highlight. The 4500-nit brightness ensures vivid clarity, making it the brightest phone screen ever. The fluidity and sharpness of the display, coupled with excellent haptic feedback, create an immersive user experience, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Performance Pinnacle:

Empowered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform, the OnePlus 12 redefines performance expectations. Particularly notable is its prowess in gaming, demonstrating responsiveness even in resource-intensive applications. The inclusion of a dual Cyro VC cooling system ensures optimal temperature control, maintaining performance excellence during prolonged gaming sessions.

Camera Capabilities:

Recognizing the significance of the camera, OnePlus has equipped the 12 with a powerful setup. The 50MP Wide Camera with Sony’s LYT-808 Image Sensor, 64MP 3x Periscope Telephoto Camera, and 114° FOV Ultra-wide Camera deliver impressive results. The Hasselblad branding adds credibility to the camera’s capabilities, capturing natural colors and intricate details. The X-Pan mode and Hasselblad portrait mode contribute to the camera’s versatility, providing unique perspectives.

Video Innovation:

The OnePlus 12’s camera extends its prowess to video recording, supporting stunningly detailed videos at 8K/24fps. This capability caters to the needs of content creators, aligning with the current trends in multimedia creation.

Endurance and Charging:

The 5400mAh battery ensures prolonged usage, easily lasting a couple of days with moderate use. The inclusion of an 80W VOOC wall charger facilitates rapid charging, replenishing the battery in under an hour.


1. Durability Concerns for Camera Cover:

   The glass cover protecting the round camera module, while adding sophistication, raises concerns about its durability. Users may find themselves questioning its resilience to potential scratches or damage in daily usage.

2. Overly Bright Screen in Daily Use:

   The 4500-nit brightness, while impressive, may lead to an overly bright screen for routine tasks. Users might find that the maximum brightness is rarely needed and could impact battery life negatively.

3. Limited Innovation in Design:

   While the Flowy Emerald color is visually striking, the overall design doesn’t introduce groundbreaking innovations. Some users may expect more daring design elements to set it apart from previous models or competitors.

4. High Expectations for 120X Zoom:

   The 120X zoom capability, while a notable feature, may fall short of expectations. Users anticipating extraordinary clarity at maximum zoom levels might be disappointed, as the performance at this extreme level could be a point of improvement.

5. Potential Weight Discomfort:

   Despite offering a good grip, the phone’s weight might be a concern for users who prefer lightweight devices. Extended usage or one-handed operation may lead to discomfort, especially for those accustomed to lighter smartphones.

With the exception of the 120X zoom, which may not meet exaggerated expectations, the OnePlus 12 emerges as a strong contender for the title of the best flagship phone. It delivers across all essential aspects without succumbing to unnecessary features, presenting a well-rounded device for tech enthusiasts and smartphone connoisseurs alike.

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