Parking problem near Abdul Hamid garden to be resolved soon

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Visitors at the Abdul Hamid Ayurvedic garden often faced parking issues as the garden area had lack of space to park vehicles.
The issue was raised frequently by the residents with the PMC as well as local Corporator Nanda Lonkar. In a recently held visit with the Assistant Commissioner of Hadapsar ward office it was decided that the PMC plot near the garden can be utilised for parking.

Prasad Katkar, assistant commissioner Hadapsar ward office told Pune Pulse that the open plot near the garden is lying vacant. It can be used as a parking by the visitors so that the visitors can visit the garden and the residents living in the nearby would have no reason to complain.”

The PMC Hadapsar ward officials on the visit also discussed other concern, Parge Nagar road widening issues, Jyoti chowk to Mayfair Eleganza road, Siddharth Nagar drainage issues Nanda Lonkar giving more details of the visit to the NIBM ward shared that certain issues such as drainage issues in Siddharth nagar, road widening from Jyoti chowk to Mayfair Eleganza, Parge Nagar road were discussed. Most of the issues shall get resolved soon. Certain technical issues have already been resolved and work should begin in the next few days.

The visit of the ward officer also surveyed the new garden spot which is coming up next to Kumar Sublime in Parge Nagar area.