PCMC clarifies: Only water connnection of individual tax defaulters would be disrupted

Pimpri: PCMC property tax department has clarified that action will be taken against individual tax defaulters and only their water supply line will be discontinued. 

This decision comes amid the uproar created by the public about the earlier decision of the PCMC that water connection of societies with tax payers would be cut. Opposing the decision, PCMC Chikali Moshi Association  members wrote a letter to PCMC and also issued a legal notice to take back the decision. 

The letter issued to Chikhali-Moshi Housings Society Association by PCMC States, “Property tax recovery proceedings are underway through Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation Taxation and Tax Collection Department. According to the provisions of Section 128 and Schedule D Chapter 8 Rule 42 of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, strict action has to be taken to confiscate/ seal the property in the name of the concerned member, cut off the water supply of the property etc. It is not the role of the Municipal Corporation to disconnect the collective tap connection of the society, but the action of disconnecting the individual tap connection of the outstanding property holder in the society will be taken after discussing with the president and secretary of the society.”

Sharing his thoughts about the issue, Sanjeevan Sangale, president of Chikhali-Moshi Housings Society Assocation said, “In future too we will be taking a stand if PCMC takes any wrong decision because cutting water connection of society due to an individual is wrong. They can take action against a individual tax defaulter.” 

Mrunal Jadhav 

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