Peak Season Farewell: Goa Braces for Monsoon Closure Amid Tourist Surge

Goa to Introduce New Tourism Bill to Curb Touting and Enhance Tourist Safety

Goa to Introduce New Tourism Bill to Curb Touting and Enhance Tourist Safety

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From beachside bliss to seasonal serenity, Goa welcomes tourists for one last summer escape before the monsoon curtain falls.

26th May 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

Goa is experiencing a surge in visitors, particularly from neighbouring Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. Suneel Anchipaka, IAS, Director of Tourism and Managing Director of GTDC, provided insights into the coastal belt’s preparedness for the impending monsoon. 

“Beach clearing agencies are in place, all the cleaning activities are taking place. Lifeguards are situated on various beaches. A few shacks have already started dismantling. By the end of this month, they are all going to be dismantled,” he stated, emphasising the measures taken to ensure safety and cleanliness as the season transitions.

Traditionally, the peak tourist season in Goa spans from November to February, when the weather is pleasantly mild. However, as the southwest monsoon approaches, the coastal state braces for the temporary closure of its famed beaches, signalling the end of the peak tourist influx.

While beach activities may be restricted during the monsoon, tourists are encouraged to explore alternative attractions such as national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and spice plantations. Activities like trekking, bird-watching and white water rafting are popular choices during these months, offering a different perspective of Goa’s natural beauty.

However, travellers are cautioned against visiting beaches and swimming during the monsoon months, as heavy rainfall and strong winds characterise the region’s weather during this period. The months from June to August are particularly challenging, with torrential rainstorms and limited sunshine, averaging 20 rainy days each month.

For those seeking a memorable travel experience in Goa, it is advised to avoid the monsoon months of June to August. Instead, planning a visit during the peak season ensures optimal weather conditions and a more enjoyable stay in this coastal paradise.