Pet Travel Queries Surge as Pet Owners Seek Better Facilities Beyond Travel

Pet Travel Queries Surge as Pet Owners Seek Better Facilities Beyond Travel

Pet Travel Queries Surge as Pet Owners Seek Better Facilities Beyond Travel

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Influencers share tips as train travel with pets increases; calls for improved pet-friendly facilities in offices and stays.

6 June 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

In the evolving landscape of travel, a new trend is on the rise: pet travel. With pet owners increasingly opting to bring their furry companions along on journeys, questions and concerns surrounding pet-friendly transportation and accommodations have surged. 

Influencers like Simran Singh and Rajit Gupta, known for their popular @triplesundae Instagram account, are at the forefront of this movement, sharing insights and tips for travelling with pets.

Simran and Rajit recently garnered over 13.5 million views on their first reel showcasing their adventures with their pet, Poppins, on a train journey. The reel sparked a flood of direct messages (DMs) from followers seeking advice on pet travel logistics, particularly by train. 

Recognising the demand, they created content with Hindi voiceovers and text to reach a wider audience, reflecting the growing interest in pet travel across demographics.

As interest in pet travel grows, so does the need for clear guidelines and facilities. For those considering train travel with their pets, essential steps include checking with the train manager for a pet box and reaching the parcel office three hours prior to departure. Additionally, travellers should be aware that only one pet can travel on one Passenger Name Record (PNR) at a time.

Understanding the practicalities, Akshay Jawale from the Centralised Comprehensive Training Centre (CCTC) in Pune’s parcel office provided insights into the charges involved. Charges typically range from Rs 300-500, varying based on factors such as weight and class of travel.

Yet, the conversation extends beyond transportation. Pet owners are advocating for broader pet-friendly initiatives, including accommodations and workplaces. Sruthi Rajan Srinivasan, a 28-year-old pet parent, expressed the need for advance booking options for trains and flights to alleviate travel anxiety. Meanwhile, 31-year-old Sakshi Agarwal highlighted the challenges of leaving pets behind for work and called for pet-friendly office policies to allow for socialisation.