Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation To Use Drone Technology For Comprehensive Property Survey

Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation To Use Drone Technology For Comprehensive Property Survey

Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation To Use Drone Technology For Comprehensive Property Survey

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Pimpri, July 8, 2024: In an effort to streamline the property survey process, the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) will now utilize drone technology for surveying properties within its jurisdiction. This initiative aims to achieve precise measurements of each property in the city. This pioneering effort will make PCMC the first municipality in the state to implement such a project, with expectations that other cities will follow suit, said Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh.

The drone survey was officially inaugurated today at H.A. Ground in Pimpri by Commissioner Singh. The event was attended by Additional Commissioner Pradeep Jambhale Patil, Special Officer Kiran Gaikwad, Administrative Officer Nana More, Rajaram Sargar, Sheetal Wakade, Prashant Doifode, Director of Stapatya Consultants India Pvt. Ltd., Wasim Qureshi from the Information and Public Relations Department, and various tax collection department officials and employees.

PCMC is committed to making the city a more livable, beautiful, and clean place for its residents. To this end, the corporation continually implements innovative initiatives using modern technology. The use of drones for property surveys will allow for highly accurate measurements of each property, ensuring that unregistered properties are brought under the tax net and unauthorized constructions are curbed. This technology will not only benefit property surveys but also aid in disaster management, construction permits, signage, and licensing, as well as the encroachment department, expressed Commissioner Singh.

The GIS-based property registration and tax assessment project is an ambitious undertaking by PCMC. To ensure the success of this extensive project, Commissioner Singh instructed all related officials to perform their duties responsibly.

The drone survey will enable the computerization of location maps and all gathered data, linking it with digital photos in the tax assessment software. This integration will provide a comprehensive view of taxable area, maps, property photos, and tax assessments through a single computer application. The survey aims to document every property in the city, potentially increasing the revenue of the tax collection department to Rs 1,500 crore.

Property tax is the main source of income for PCMC, with the city housing 630,000 properties. For the fiscal year 2023-24, the tax collection department collected a record Rs 977 crore. Despite the growing number of properties, many remain unregistered with the municipality. Previous surveys in 2013 and 2021 revealed 35,000 and 21,000 new properties, respectively. However, there is still a significant number of unregistered properties, necessitating the use of advanced technology for comprehensive surveying.

To boost the corporation’s revenue, the tax collection department has employed various modern technologies over the past year, leading to the highest revenue collection in its history. The efforts of all tax collection and assessment officials, employees, civil consultants, and technology partners like Tech Nine and Foxberry Technology have been instrumental in this success. The survey will re-inspect properties, document construction changes, and ensure comprehensive property registration through technology.

Commissioner Shekhar Singh’s persistent efforts have led to the successful implementation of the drone survey, with necessary permissions obtained from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). This makes PCMC the first municipality in the state to receive official approval for drone surveys from the central government.

Over 200,000 unregistered properties are expected to be brought under the tax net through this survey, significantly increasing the corporation’s self-generated revenue. The appointment of Stapatya Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. as the experienced agency for the drone survey is a key step in this process. Currently, the corporation only has satellite images with a resolution of 30 to 50 centimeters, but the drone survey will provide images with a 5-centimeter resolution, ensuring no new or additional constructions go unnoticed.

Efforts are underway to consolidate all available information from various initiatives and make it accessible to citizens through a single app. The drone survey is a crucial step in this direction, providing essential information to citizens and aiding other departments, including tax collection.

“Although PCMC has previously conducted property surveys, this is the first time we are using advanced drone technology. This survey will significantly aid in identifying new properties, changes in use, and unauthorized constructions,” said Pradeep Jambhale-Patil, Additional Commissioner.

“The tax collection department is the main revenue source for PCMC. Since taking charge of this department, I have employed various innovative methods and technologies to increase revenue. Last year, we achieved a historic collection of Rs 977 crore. With the drone survey, we estimate that around 200,000 new properties will be added to the tax net, potentially raising the corporation’s revenue to Rs 1,500 crore,” said Nilesh Deshmukh, Assistant Commissioner, Tax Collection and Assessment Department.