Pimpri News : Water storage in dams in Pimpri Chinchwad to last until August, informs Shekhar Singh 

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Pimpri Chinchwad city faces a severe water crisis as the water storage in Pavana Dam, the main source of daily water supply, is only sufficient until August due to the upcoming El Nino effect. In a special meeting held under the chairmanship of Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh, measures to overcome the water shortage were discussed.

At present, the city’s total water supply is 57,50,00,000 litres per day, which is barely enough for a population of approximately 30 lakhs. If the expected rainfall decreases, it is essential to plan the water supply till the end of June 2024 by the end of October, keeping in mind the remaining water storage in Pavana Dam.

To address this challenge, the authorities have decided to conduct a survey of private borewells and their repair, collect information regarding acquisition of bores and wells as required, determine water reduction policies, and make rainwater harvesting mandatory. Various measures to prevent water leakage will also be taken.

Additionally, the city plans to pump 10,00,00,000 liters of water per day from Andhra Dam to Nighoje after starting water supply from the new center at Chikhli, filling the 1 crore litres of water deficit. The authorities have also discussed accelerating the project for pumping 16,50,00,000 liters of water from Bhama Askhed Dam.

Assistant City Engineer Shrikant Sawane, Executive Engineer Ramnath Takale, Ajay Suryavanshi, DD Patil along with Deputy Engineer, Junior Engineer were present in the meeting. It is hoped that these measures will mitigate the water crisis in Pimpri Chinchwad city and provide a sustainable solution to the water scarcity problem in the long run.

Nividita Kelapure