PMC urges taxpayers to avail 40% discount on property tax till November 15

8 Days Left to Avail 40% P Tax Discount; PMC Appeals Taxpayers to Fill PT-3 Form - Pune Pulse

8 Days Left to Avail 40% P Tax Discount; PMC Appeals Taxpayers to Fill PT-3 Form - Pune Pulse

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By: Pune Pulse

October 26, 2023

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has appealed to all property taxpayers in Pune to fill out the PT-3 form soon as the last date to avail 40% discount on property tax by filling PT-3 form is November 15, 2023.

As per further information shared by Ajit Deshmukh, Deputy Commissioner, PMC Tax Department, the PMC has maintained a 40% discount on self-occupied residential properties. It will be necessary to submit all the relevant documents & proofs along with the PT-3 form to the PMC Taxation and Tax Collection Department before November 15 2023.

If the property tax is paid in full by the concerned property holders, the excess amount collected will be adjusted from the payment of the financial year in equal installments for the next 4 years after filing PT-3 application. If the application is not submitted within the prescribed period, the exemption granted for the year 2023-24 will be cancelled assuming that the property holder is not using the property for self-consumption.

For the convenience of the property holders, the PT-3 application form can be submitted to the nearest Liaison Office / Regional Office / Head Office to the Civic Welfare Center or Peth Inspector. Residents who have been given a 40% exemption before 01.04.2019, whose exemption continues, need not file the PT-3 application form again.

PT-3 application forms for a 40% discount will be available in the office of the Liaison Office / Zonal Office / Head Office at Civic Welfare Center or Peth Inspector / Divisional Inspector and the form is also available on the website

The required documents to submit along with the PT-3 application form for availing 40% discount:

· Nomination letter from the society (if a society) regarding the property being used for self-maintenance.

· Voter Identity Card/Passport/Driving License/Gas Card/Ration Card etc.

· Copy of property tax bill of that property in case of property elsewhere in Pune city.

After submitting the PT-3 form along with the above-mentioned proofs & documents and Rs 25 to the nearest Liaison Office/Regional Office/Head Office of the nearest Civil Welfare Center or Peth Inspector/Divisional Inspector, the case will be finalized by the Head of Taxation and Tax Collection after inspection of the documents by the Peth Inspector/Divisional Inspector. Hence, the PMC has urged all Pune property taxpayers to fill out the PT-3 form before November 15 to avail of a 40% discount on property tax.

Shreyas Vange

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