Police Officer Rescues Kidnapped Girl on Pune-bound Train

Police Officer Rescues Kidnapped Girl on Pune-bound Train

Police Officer Rescues Kidnapped Girl on Pune-bound Train

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A quick-thinking police officer traveling from Mumbai to Pune on the Sinhagad Express helped rescue an 8-year-old girl in a school uniform from a suspected kidnapper.  Assistant Police Inspector Balbhim Nanavare, recently transferred to Mumbai from Pune, spotted the suspicious behavior of a young man on Thursday during his journey.

Nanavare, who was in plain clothes, observed the man’s interactions with the girl and sensed something amiss. Despite initial appearances of familial relation, Nanavare detected discrepancies in their conversation, with the man speaking Hindi and the girl responding in Marathi. Sensing the urgency, Nanavare engaged the girl in conversation, eventually confirming her distress through subtle cues.

Using his mobile phone discreetly, Nanavare managed to extract the girl’s uncle’s number, who confirmed her disappearance. Acting swiftly, Nanavare alerted the Pune police control room and coordinated with railway police to intercept the suspect, identified as Dayanand Kumar Sharma, a 30-year-old from Bihar residing in Vasai.

With the help of fellow passengers, Nanavare detained Sharma until authorities arrived. The girl was safely reunited with her family, while Sharma faces charges of kidnapping as the investigation continues to uncover his motives. Nanavare’s vigilance and timely intervention averted a potentially tragic situation, emphasizing the crucial role of law enforcement in safeguarding communities.

The railway police have filed a kidnapping case against Sharma, who is currently in police custody, while the investigation is underway. Sharma, an unfamiliar figure to the family, prompts police to delve deeper into his motive for abducting the girl.

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