Ponzi Scheme Operator Amber Dalal’s Elusive Escape, Read on: A Tale of Deception and Evasion

Ponzi Scheme Operator Amber Dalal

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After perpetrating a massive Ponzi scheme in Mumbai, Amber Dalal, a consultant who defrauded over 600 investors of ₹380 crore, managed to evade authorities for 12 days before being apprehended in Uttarakhand. Here’s how he orchestrated his escape:

The Scheme Unveiled:

– Operating under the guise of Ritz Consultancy Services in Mumbai’s Lokhandwala area, Dalal enticed investors, including celebrities like actors Annu Kapoor and Deepak Sharma, with promises of monthly returns between 1.6% to 2% by investing in commodities.

– With investments ranging from ₹5 lakh to several crores, Dalal had garnered trust over 15 years, delivering consistent returns even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Disappearance:

– On March 14, Dalal vanished, leaving investors in turmoil. Concerned investors, many of whom were senior citizens relying on their investments for livelihood, filed a police complaint.

The Pursuit:

– Mumbai Police tracked Dalal to Dehradun, Uttarakhand, where he was finally apprehended on Tuesday night and remanded in police custody.

The Elusive Run:

– During his 12-day escape, Dalal meticulously evaded capture. Suspected to have traversed multiple states, he frequently changed hotels to avoid detection.

– Operating in Lokhandwala, frequented by celebrities, Dalal had a wide client base, including notable personalities like Annu Kapoor and Deepak Sharma.

The Unraveling Investigation:

– While investors hope to recover their principal amounts, authorities are yet to discern Dalal’s motive and the utilization of the ill-gotten funds.

– Investigators aim to unravel how Dalal managed to sustain returns and the circumstances prompting his sudden disappearance.

Amber Dalal’s arrest marks a crucial step towards justice for the duped investors, yet the investigation delves deeper into the intricacies of his fraudulent activities, shedding light on the complexity of financial fraud and its far-reaching consequences.

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