Potted plants lie broken on Pink City road

On Monday 4 April 22, some miscreants broke the pots placed on the Pink City Road footpath as a beautification programme.  But on Monday morning it was seen all the pots were broken abruptly which ruined the beauty of the footpath. The filth caused by the pots was cleared by the civic staff but the intention behind this act still remains unknown. 

“This is wastage of public property. CCTV must be installed and database should be maintained. And every one should be aware of what is happening in our surrounding. This is not a single person work. I have installed CCTV cameras in my society which covers the outside areas too. I think other societies also do the same which will be helpful. And everyone should take care of such public property. Those people who have done this must get punished.” Said Dattatray Deshmukh, Chairman, Maxima Society

“Smart city road should be maintained properly. Such miscreants should be punished. Immediate cleaning of road is fine but PCMC needs to find out the root cause and the person who have done this should be punished or fined,” said Sudhir Deshmukh, a resident from Sucasa society. 

“We have cleaned the road. And we did question the watchman of Pumpkin Patch school but he was unaware of this incident. The people from the nearby informed that a four wheeler lost its control and hence it hit on these pots,” said Shashikant More, Health Department D ward. 

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