Power Outage in Chakan: Transformer Failure Disrupts Power Supply to MIDC and Pune Residential Areas

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A major power transformer failure in the Chakan transmission system has resulted in a significant disruption of power supply to MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) and residential areas in Pune. 

The damaged transformer, which had a capacity of 50 MVA, has caused an outage of approximately 10 to 15 megawatts of power. Efforts are underway by the power distribution company to resolve the issue, but due to the high demand for electricity, regulated power supply may be necessary for certain distribution lines in Chakan.

The Chakan transmission system includes a 400 kV ultra-high voltage substation with three power transformers, each with a capacity of 50 MVA. Unfortunately, one of these transformers experienced a complete breakdown after midnight on Thursday, June 1. 

Upon inspection, it was determined that the transformer was irreparably damaged. The installation of a new power transformer from the transmission company has already commenced, but the process is expected to be completed by Tuesday, June 6.

In the interim, the power consumption from the affected transformers has been transferred to an alternate transformer within the substation. However, due to the increased demand for electricity, the distribution company has implemented regulated power supply of 10 to 15 megawatts to manage the load. If the demand continues to exceed the supply capacity, regulated power supply may need to be enforced on specific distribution lines in Nanekarwadi, Kuruli, MIDC, Sara City, Force Motors, Chimbali, Alandi Phata, and Khadkale. These distribution lines, operating at 22 kV, serve a total of 3,924 customers comprising residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. The cooperation of these electricity consumers is essential to effectively manage the power regulation requirements.

Furthermore, heavy pre-monsoon rainfall and strong winds on the evening of Thursday, June 1, caused power outages for approximately 46,000 customers in Chakan city and the MIDC area. 

The severe weather conditions led to large hoarding flex boards becoming entangled with power transmission lines. Around 90% of the affected customers experienced power disruptions due to these flex boards, while the remaining 10% faced outages caused by fallen trees and damaged transmission equipment. 

The electricity company swiftly initiated the removal of the flex boards from the transmission lines and worked diligently to restore power supply to the affected consumers. As of Friday morning, June 2, power had been successfully restored to all customers. However, the fallen flex boards resulted in momentary interruptions for residential, commercial, and industrial electricity consumers in Chakan.

The power distribution company is actively addressing the transformer failure and is committed to restoring uninterrupted power supply to all affected areas as quickly as possible. Efforts are being made to minimize the inconvenience caused to the residents and businesses in Chakan and the MIDC region.