Power woes continue in Chakan MIDC affecting businesses

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Delegation of Chakan MIDC Entrepreneurs’ Association met MSEDCL officials recently

Pune, May 31: Power outages continue to bedevil industries in Chakan MIDC leading to losses worth crores of rupees. As per the information, the area has been facing regular power cuts. Along with it, there is a regular shutdown every Thursday which is badly affecting the business leading to losses worth crores of rupees.

In order to address the woes, a delegation of Chakan MIDC Entrepreneurs Association met officials of the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL) recently.

Speaking on the issue, Jaydev Akkalkote, Chakan MIDC Entrepreneurs Association’s President said, “ The area has a lot of industries. Urbanization is increasing and so is the electricity demand. However, MSEDCL has not considered this. Lack of staff, improper planning and negligence of MSEDCL officials are the prime factors because of which businesses in Chakan MIDC are suffering. Despite numerous complaints, the issue still persists. This is not only affecting the business in the area but also the economy of the country. Thus, our prime demand is that MSEDCL must increase their staff and address our issues quickly. Along with it, MSEDCL must also work on improving the infrastructure in the Chakan MIDC and its surrounding areas.” 

MSEDCL officials also took serious note of the issue. Sandeep Darode, Chief Executive Engineer of MSEDCL and Vijay Gargote,  Deputy Engineer of MSEDCL assured the delegation that the vacant posts will be filled soon..They also assured that the problem of breakdown will be resolved soon.

Srinivas Mane, Chakan MIDC Entrepreneurs Association’s Secretary,   Praveen Shinde Chakan MIDC Entrepreneurs Association’s  Director, and entrepreneurs Nandkumar Sawant, Subhash Gole and MSEDCL officials were present in the meeting.

Shreyas Vange