Prasanna Autism Center organises exhibition showcasing artistic prowess of autistic children

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Autism is a developmental disorder that affects nearly 18 million people in India. While there is no cure for the disorder, several therapies can help an autistic person. Autistic people usually struggle with social interaction, communication, tantrums, attention spans and hyper energy. 

To spread more information and remove the stigma around ASD, April 2 is celebrated as World Autism Awareness Day. 

Prasanna Autism Centre in Shivajinagar plans to hold a special exhibition featuring the art, craft and other works of the autistic children they have nurtured on 3 April, Monday. 

The exhibition will showcase the progress and creativity made by their children to encourage their progress. The children typically fall across the age group of three to seventeen years old. This annual event is aimed towards spreading more awareness about autism in the society. They also hold other events such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Annual Social Gathering, Palkhi Utsav, etc. 

The centre and schools remain one of the oldest and most highly respected Autism care groups in the city. It has been recognized several times for its undue dedication towards providing diagnosis, early intervention, therapies, pre-vocational training for autistic children and support, guidance and training for the parents as well. 

Established in 2000 under the guidance of the late Padmaja Godbole, the legacy of the NGO has been carried on by Prasad and Sadhana Godbole. 

Sadhana, the executive director, says that they have a highly proficient team specialized in catering towards every need of an autistic child. They have qualified psychologists who are educated, trained and licensed in all the different therapies needed by a child with ASD- be it speech, occupation, behaviour, physical activity, etc. 

She adds their team extends to having proficient mausis who are equipped with caring for neurodivergent kids. In addition to that, they also have class teachers that help the children navigate the academic world from an autistic point of view. If you want to show your support for autistic kids and the dedicated people working for their development, do not hesitate to visit this beautiful exhibition. Learn more about the NGO here:

Shriya Simran Pradhan